Mums for Fall Color!

Mums for Fall Color!


Chrysanthemums “Mums” Planting and Care Guide

Planting Time –  For fall planting anytime from mid August to late November.

Bed Preparation – Mums like a loose well drained soil.  Therefore, addition of soil conditioner, sand and compost is required to make the ideal planting bed for Mums. You may also use Callaway’s Bed Builder which is a ready to use complete soil amendment.  The planting bed should be located where they will be in at least a half a day’s sunlight.  When in doubt as to the proper organic content of your soil (soil conditioner, sand, and compost) pick up a handful of soil and squeeze it in your hand and drop it to the ground. If the handful of soil fails to shatter, you usually do not have enough organic material added for Mums to do well.

Fertilizing – Mums are hardy perennials and are heavy feeders. They should be fertilized while blooming. When you plant mums, you should mix Hi-Yield Superphosphate into the soil for next year’s blooms. Repeat this each year at planting time. This will help generate heavy blooms from year to year. While your mums are blooming, use Ferti-lome Water Soluble Plant Food (20-20-20). The water soluble plant food will give them the energy they need while blooming.

CHRYSATHEMUMS come in a wealth of varieties.  If you have never grown them before you have missed one of the most fascinating of gardening experiences in late summer and fall.


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