Pansy Planting and Care Guide

Pansy Planting and Care Guide

Pansy Planting Tips

Callaway’s pansies are the best and newest varieties of pansies that you can buy.  They will continue to grow in your yard and garden and reward you with colorful blooms of huge size. Good care, regular feeding and mulching will repay you with better blooms and larger plants.

Planting - Prepare your beds using liberal qualities of soil conditioner, sand and compost.  You may also use Callaway’s Bed Builder which is a ready to use complete soil amendment.  Plant your pansies as early as they are available and as soon after purchasing as possible. Plant 12” apart and add 1/2 tablespoon of Ferti-lome Premium Bedding Plant Food by thoroughly mixing it in the soil around each plant being careful not to let the roots come in direct contact with the fertilizer.  Set the plants at the same level as they have been growing before transplanting and water generously.

Fertilizing – After planting water with Ferti-lome Root Stimulator. Apply Ferti-lome Premium Bedding Plant Food at the rate of 1/2 tablespoon per plant applying on a 30-day cycle. Broadcast evenly over entire bed and water. You can also use Ferti-lome Blooming and Rooting at the rate or 1 teaspoon per gallon or water. Apply each time you water. Pansies are heavy bloomers which means they need lots of food to keep blooming.

Watering – When soil is dry be sure to give your Pansies a good watering, but not over water.  Late afternoon watering encourages the start of mildew and other diseases; therefore, always water in the morning or early part of the day.

Mulching – Good mulch helps to conserve moisture, keeps down weeds and keeps the rains form splashing mud on your plants and bloom.  A layer of pine bark or pine straw will make excellent mulches, spread to a depth of 1” to 1.5” for best results.

Pansy Planting Guide

Insects & Diseases - Pansies are not subject to most pest, however snails can be an occasional problem. You can apply Hi-Yield Slug & Snail Bait as needed.

No Need to Keep Blooms Picked – The idea that pansy blooms must be
CONSTANTLY PICKED is not true.  To do so is a needless waste of time and energy.  Pick them as you desire for your own pleasure and grooming.  The proper use of fertilizer, mulch and plenty of water (when needed) will keep your plants growing vigorously.

Well cared for plants will reward you richly with colorful blooms and months of pleasure.

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